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City slicker James (Adam Forster) turns to his streetwise friend Leo (Jag Singh) for advice. He’s found himself in trouble with the local mafia boss ‘Mr Costello’ (Stephen Gray). To James’ misfortune Leo has also found himself on the wrong side of  ‘Costello’.  A problem shared is a problem doubled. A cold and ominous Costello makes his position clear, confronting the ragtag gangster wannabes. With the help of friends Ed (Joseph Lawton) and Gengiz (Gengiz Hasam) the gang prepares to face their enemy and overcome their plight.  The Setup begins! 


‘The Setup’ is a stylish hard hitting dark comedy reminiscent of classic British gangster films. Not for the faint hearted.


Running Time: 29min 59Sec

Exhibition Format: Download

Aspect Ratio: 1:90.1

Shooting Format: Digital 4k

4:2:2; MOV, MP4,

© The Setup 2021- Luke Roberts & Jag Singh